Who are we?

The SKYWARN program in Central Indiana has been active for many years. The basic core values have changed very little during that period.

The Central Indiana SKYWARN Association, Inc., was incorporated in June of 1999. Since that time there have been many changes in the operation of the SKYWARN network. The voice operation was moved to the Indianapolis Carmel Experimenters (www.w9ice.com) 146.97/442.65 repeater system during the spring of 2001. There have been many enhancements to the system such as the addition to link the Illiana SKYWARN Network 444.35 repeater, which is located just west of Terre Haute, IN. This system enhances the coverage for the southwestern counties, including coverage into Eastern Illinois. In addition, the Association was granted access to the WQKC-FM tower located in Freetown, in Jackson County. This node consists of a two-meter remote base arrangement with a link to the 442.65 repeater in Indianapolis. The node coverage will include Jackson, Jennings, Lawrence, Monroe, Bartholomew and surrounding counties.

In addition to improving the voice network, the Association has developed a training video in conjunction with the Indianapolis NWS which is being shown at SKYWARN spotter training sessions. In the near future other training guides will be posted on our Web page. These training guides will not be a substitute for SKYWARN spotter training held by the National Weather Service. They are meant to augment the normal spotter training class and to be viewed at anytime to refresh all spotters' recollection as to cloud formations and as a reminder of the power and fury of severe weather.